GaBrilla is a phenomenal person to have in your corner. Whether I’m struggling with a business goal or a personal one, she has the resources, empathy, and tools to get me back on track. I always leave our meetings feeling as if I am moving forward on my journey to authentic living.”
-Chanelle John-Entrepreneur/founder Hive Soul Yoga

“I have to say I am a dreamer, many ideas, goals so I was drawn to the opportunity of getting support for something I valued.  It was amazing.   left feeling like Gabrilla approached my dreams from many dimensions of my self.  She listened, she engaged the uncomfortable and she definitely allowed us to experience within a safe and productive space.  I just loved the chance to follow-thru and I actually came out seeing myself, more than what I saw before I started, more clearly and ready to work on my dreams. Gabrilla is phenomenal.  She knows it from her core. You can tell she is living it and experiencing the vulnerability that comes with the dreamer and she does unapologetically and authentically.  So glad I did this!”
-S. Ahmad, Teacher, Mother, member of Holistic Prosperity Group

I coach women to work through emotional and psychological barriers tied to money and use interdisciplinary tools as methods to heal and financially prosper.

Uncover the emotional meaning behind your money habits.

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